Faster isn't always better!

In today’s world of longer commutes to work, coffee shops on every corner and fast food restaurants being birthed like dandelions – it is no wonder we find it challenging to resist some of the not so good temptations.

Here are some tips to help you make better restaurant decisions:

Eating out
  • Never go to any establishment hungry. Always have something with protein or fiber before you go. Some good examples: Fruit, Veggies, Eggs, Toast with Nut Butter.

  • Skip the good ole buffeteria. Everyone runs into trouble there as our eyes are so much bigger than our stomachs.

  • Drink water before your meal as this will lessen the amount of food you eat – sometimes thirst is masked by what we think is hunger.

  • Smarter appetizer choices are shrimp cocktail, bruschetta or a side salad.

  • Every time a salad is ordered, put the dressing on the side and skip the croutons, parmesan etc. (Olive oil and lemon juice work well too)

  • Always take a pass on the bread basket.



nutrition and eating out
  • Soups can be very misleading as they often have a very high salt content, which causes us to hold on to more water, making the scale say ‘What just happened here!’

  • Words like grilled, steamed, roasted and baked indicate less fat was used to cook them – go with those choices.

  • Words like alfredo sauce, cheese sauce, battered, breaded, buttered, creamed, crispy, deep-fried, fried, hollandaise, pan fried, pastry, prime, rich, sautéed, scalloped, gravy, mayonnaise and thick sauce usually mean it is high in calories and fat.

  • Most restaurant meals are equivalent to 2-3 real ones for portions. Never hesitate to split your plate in half the moment you get it. Eat half and package the other half.

  • Say no thank you to mayo in any sandwich.

  • Turn your eyes away from any white pasta or rice, white potato and deep fried delectables.

  • Salsa is a great substitution for any sauce.


  • If alcohol is to be served red or white wine is a better choice. If you want hard liquor, go with vodka or gin with water, or a diet pop beverage.

  • Don’t forget to drink a glass of water between each alcoholic beverage. This will lessen the aftermath of your festivities and maybe fill you up to drink or eat less.

  • When a dessert insists itself, sherbet, fresh fruit, frozen yogurt or Cobblers (without the cream sauce) are better choices. Also, do not hesitate to share it with your table mates.


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