Early Praise for Picky? Not Me, Mom!

“Among all of the other books there are on this topic, Picky? Not Me, Mom!, stands outs as a memorable addition. What sets this book apart from the rest is its light-hearted delivery, easily accessible information and, above all, Karla’s non-judgmental and empathic style. This book will give many mothers the hope and wisdom they need to manage picky eaters. I will recommend it without reservation to families in my clinic.”

Peter Nieman, MD – Pediatrician and co-founder of the Pediatric Obesity Clinic Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Calgary and host of, in Calgary, Alberta

“I love it! Practical, informative, and yet so entertaining! Karla has undertaken the research of current literature to bring you practical, easy-to-implement ideas to resolve some of the most pressing issues related to nutrition facing parents (and children) today. Picky? Not Me, Mom! is the first book I’ve found to include everything a parent needs to know about nutrition! Easy to read, follow and implement nutritional changes today! Karla’s humour makes reading about health and nutrition a real ‘treat’!”

Shauna Overacker – Early Childhood Educator and mother of three picky eaters, in Calgary, Alberta

“Picky? Not Me, Mom! is a must-read book that will help the entire family! You will find the facts and highly informative content practical and easy to understand. Picky? Not Me, Mom! is among the best books on nutrition I have read! Karla has taken the time and done the legwork to bring you the results from recent and compelling research in her field. Your investment in this book will pay dividends in terms of the long-term health benefits of those you love most—your family.”

Jari Love – Personal Trainer, Fitness & Health Expert and Creator of Get RIPPED!, in Calgary, Alberta

Picky? Not Me, Mom! is a great resource for any parent. As a busy working mother of three, I found Karla’s information exceedingly practical. Her list of good and bad snack bars actually includes name brands, and her recipe suggestions would actually be eaten in my home. Check out her chocolate chip banana muffins!”

  Marina Labby – Producer, Breakfast Television Calgary CityTV, in Calgary, Alberta

“Since the beginning of time, parents have longed for the missing ‘manual,’ — the one that didn’t come with their newborn! In fact toasters come with more instructions! You need look no further since author and nutritionist Karla Heintz has written Picky? Not Me, Mom!, the definitive book on the nutritional care and feeding of children. From those first “Here comes the plane!” feeding sessions to the “I hate peas!” battle or the “I’m late, I don’t have time for breakfast!” struggle, Picky? Not Me, Mom! is here to help. Karla has written a most informative, supportive and easy-to-read book that includes common sense guidelines and recommendations to help you navigate every aspect of your child’s nutritional needs.”

Ellen Percival – Editor, Calgary’s Child magazine in Calgary, Alberta

“The nutrition tips and menu plans in this book are great for both parents and parents-to-be. We just loved the ideas for fun recipes to share with kids!”

Julie Freedman Smith & Gail Bell – Co-founders, Parenting Power at, a parenting resource and education company in Calgary, Alberta

“A pleasure to read! Lots of interesting facts and tips that parents can actually use! The use of personal experience, Karla’s humour, and a to-the-point style make this book an easy read. From suggestions on things to say to your children to information on what herbs compliment what foods, Picky? Not Me, Mom! is a wealth of ideas, recipes, and food-related games. It is sure to lift some parenting stress in your daily life!”

Samantha Liepner, BSc – Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor in Calgary, Alberta

“This book is like a bathroom reader of quick tips and facts. Picky? Not Me, Mom! makes it easy to realize that providing good nutrition to your children doesn’t have to be hard work.”

Sandi Richard – International best-selling author and Host of the Food Network’s Fixing Dinner, in Cochrane, Alberta


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Restaurant Tip

Yum ... burger! Do not give free reign over the entire menu. You pick one item for the child, and ask them to pick another item they would like with it. This allows for healthy eating with some degree of 'exercising freedom' to the child.