Rev Up Your Sex Life

February 12th, 2010



With long work days, and running kids to and from many events it is no wonder we lose our ‘zest’ in the bedroom.  Here are some things you can examine in your life to see what is your missing link to more love.


  1.  Are you tired?  Be honest here.  Do you get the much needed 7-8 hours of ZZzzz’s each night? If not look at what is holding you back from your sleep and write it down. Then sit back and figure out what you can do to hit the sheets earlier. Get your spouse on board for this as remember – it is a team effort.
  2. Are you stressed?  When we are stressed we produce more cortisol which is a stress hormone that literally gives us energy. It is normal to have high cortisol levels when we wake up and they should naturally go down as the day goes on.  If you are stressed write down the causes of stress in your life.  Now brainstorm ideas on how you can either remove those stresses or find new coping mechanisms for them.                                                                 Example:  Your husband works late and you have to feed the kids for supper and bath them and put them to bed and then he comes home.  Possible solution: hire a part time nanny or even pay to get your house cleaned monthly or weekly so you can lessen one or more ‘to-do’s’ on your list.
  3. Look at what you are eating.  
  • Increase your vitamin E as this plays a role in producing testosterone and estrogen (asparagus and almonds are great choices)
  • Increase your zinc levels as this plays a role in sex hormones and can help boost libido. If oysters are not your thing add wild salmon a few times a week for supper or consider a pharmaceutical grade supplement.
  • Boost your antioxidants which increase blood flow to ALL areas of the body.  Berries to your day is perfect.

If you have ideas that you have found effective in your relationship to nurture the love nest please share them in comments below.

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